“You should make photographs with your heart, mind, eye & soul. The capture device is simply there to allow you to transfer your vision to a medium that you can share with others.” - Bill Frakes

"Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel." - Peter Adams - Sydney 1978

 “Our job is to record, each in his own way, this world of light and shadow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.” - Edward Abbey


Through the lens of a camera, Rob Gazda has been providing us with outstanding images and interpretations of our world and country for a quarter century.  Because of his strong connection to the land, its people, and wildlife, Rob's photographs are much more than mere documentation...and through his work we are able to feel intimately involved in the beauty, the wonder and the majesty of the natural world and our place in it.


Rob is a photographer who specializes in Commercial, Corporate, Advertising and Portrait-Fashion photography.  His enthusiasm and dedication enable him to put his subjects at ease, and although many people are nervous and reserved at the beginning of a photo shoot, in short order, Rob is able to bring out the hidden model in us all. Coupled with his creativity and imagination, this makes it possible for Rob to deliver excellence, surpassing his client's expectations.  Rob is always looking for, or trying to create an environment in which he is able to capture very special shots.  Easy to work with, and very flexible with his time, he will be there as long as it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction.


Rob spends as much time as he can, exploring what is truly his passion, Wildlife and Nature.  To that end, he explores the nooks and crannies of our forested areas; as well as the open vistas of the prairies and mountains.  His incredible enthusiasm for animals in their home environment, and his dedication to doing whatever is needed, has led to Rob having some of the most unique and wondrous wildlife shots you will find anywhere.


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